You want a website and you’ve bought a domain name…now you need somewhere on the internet that hosts your domain so we can all access it! This is what hosting is. Hosting is the place where you store your website. It holds all of the files that make up your website so when a visitor accesses your site they’re all put together to run your website as we see it! You want to purchase a host that has an easy install option for WordPress.

Where should you buy your hosting from? Try one of these places ::

  • Hostgator (good for starters, unlimited, use coupon code XXX)
  • Bluehost (good for starters, unlimited, use coupon code XXX)
  • WP Engine
  • Liquid Web

So how do I actually buy hosting Download the guide right here.

There are also Hostgator tutorials here and BlueHost tutorials here.

Why Separate my Domain & Hosting?

The age old “never put your eggs in one basket” applies here! If you ever need to change hosting providers it’s not so hard when they’re separated. Set up your new hosting and redirect your domain. It gets a little more complex when they’re in the same place! There’s a few more reasons but think of it like insurance. Is insurance absolutely necessary? Not really…until something goes wrong or you need something extra that covers you. It’s easy to do and there’s no big cost difference so it pays to do this!