You’ve done the impossible

You’ve found something that you love to do, and you’ve turned it into a business

It’s kind of like magic...and then it’s kinda like a truckload of work

(scroll down for a video with me below)

And while everyone online is gabbing about the inspiration of it all, no one is mentioning any of the following that you’re dealing with on a daily basis:

All the while second-guessing yourself, comparing your work or business to those around you, and wondering if maybe you were wrong about this whole working for yourself thing.

But before we go any further together, I want to chat about what this course isn't:

*Steps up on her soapbox for a quick minute*

Every day it seems I see another course selling the lucrative dream of “making money fast” (no matter what your skill level), “charging what you’re worth” (after you pay for the overpriced course) or “working 4 hours a week” (from a fancy beach, of course).


Because, sure, those things are a lot sexier-sounding than building and growing a sustainable business that evolves with you over time. Or setting up systems so you can craft the life you want—any way you want to—for the long haul. Or maintaining integrity and quality in everything you do.

But those are the keys. Those are what your real heroes have spent time and energy building.

So this course won’t have any of the following:
Scheming, icky sales tactics, marketing spins, BS, six-figure sales funnel talk, trendy words, temporary lures & quick fixes (although some things are quick to fix). Or bucket loads of 'extra free ebooks' valued at $999 that should have been included in the course to start with (or aren't worth having).
Because running a quality business is a long game, it requires quality training, productive systems and a huge amount of work and anyone telling you otherwise is full of it and should not be trusted.

So when you’re feeling fearful, remember that means you’re being courageous. And it means you’re one step closer to a really fantastic business and life. This stuff isn't always easy - but it can be a helluva lot easier than it is right now.

Agreed? Good.

So now that you know what the meetCreative course isn’t, I’ll tell you what it is:

The big, overarching thing covered is the step-by-step of running your business and the four major phases of a client lifecycle — from first contact to completion. These are the number one things that trip up entrepreneurs so you can’t afford not to set up your own processes and system….even if those are two words you sort of hate.

In-depth Course + Scripts + Worksheets + Resources + Questions

Stop the overwhelm, get back in control, free up your time, earn more money and save years from your learning curve. You’ll get:

30+ Modules

covering every phase of the project lifecycle (like client intake, scoping projects, landing jobs & proposals, scheduling, project management, financials etc) and pre-client positioning, pricing, selectivity, ideal clients and feedback

50+ Email Scripts

for use from intake to completion PLUS when dealing with sticky client situations (in a continually updated database so you can always handle business conversations elegantly and calmly like a pro)


ready for you to download or create for proposals, project welcome packets, retainers, design concept presentations, style guides, client questionnaires and more

20+ Tutorials

that cover things like portfolios, rates + pricing, financials, scheduling, questionnaires, client gifts and specific tech tutorials etc

Submit your Questions

a feature for anything you need that we haven’t covered (yep, we’ll create a template so you can get unstuck and on your way this time and in the future)


you get a one-on-one call with me once you're in the course where we'll chat about your stage of business, action points and any questions you want answered

So much more

behind the scenes examples including presentations, invoices, completion files, email requests and more, a database of curated resources for creatives, unlimited access, how to actually, truly, madly, deeply get your systems and tasks automated, tips and tricks and additional modules being added on things like building a team or expanding your business

Course entry opening later in 2016. Get updates by clicking here to sign up.
meetCreative Video

Why did I create this course and who the heck am I?

First of all, hi! I’ve spent years and years in the creative world. In the business, in the systems, the clients, the mistakes, and the lessons. I never wanted to write an ebook or course just for the sake of doing so, but lately I started finding myself answering some questions more and more frequently. Like, what should I say to this client requesting another damn revision? X just happened how would you handle this? what do you use to manage that system? can I use your contract for my clients? how do you run multiple businesses? this would be a great project, how do i win this job? how should I best present this? what files do I need to include? how do you travel so much and still work?

And so I created this course because I realized there was a big need out there for it and I want to help you get to here much faster than I did (because you definitely can). I started at the absolute bottom and have waded through the deep end. It’s here to save you a lot of painful moments, time, money, tears and wine. This is for you to get to a place where you’re commanding higher rates, taking days (weeks and months) off - guilt free, feeling good about your business, being strategic in your development and spending far less time banging your head against the wall, and more time doing what you love.

A little background on me: I’ve worked with some of the biggest corporate companies in the world and learned a thing or two (or three) about client, vendor & relationship management, negotiations & system/work management along with dealing with exceptionally huge and difficult client teams. I thank my hippie parents for allowing me to be a creative since childhood (starting way back at clunky Photoshop 1), and spending years doing 20 hour days to bridge the gap between my taste and my skills, making tons of mistakes along the way. And slowly but surely I built a profitable, successful creative business, that books out 6+ months in advance, works as a small team and continues to gain clients based purely from word of mouth (whilst quadrupling my rates).

But the best part to me is that through all of this experience, I am able to run a creative studio and keep my business working while travelling the world, and having a lifestyle that I absolutely adore. I tell you all of this to say that if I can do it, you can absolutely freaking do it (and in less time, with less stress, and less mistakes).

Course entry opening later in 2016. Get updates by clicking here to sign up.

Things that are said

The level of detail and the breakdown of the entire project lifecycle makes this course different from anything I've done before (or seen on the market).

The meetCreative course is a game-changer. Running a business can be overwhelming, with so many things to get right. Having someone take you through the whole lifecycle of a client project from initial contact to satisfied customer and beyond is worth the price of the course alone. Add on the templates, process setup steps, how-tos and everything else you've packed in here (and continue to add) and this is something I know I'm going to be using for a long time. Geeky side note: I've just set up my first project board for a client project. Beyond excited about much that streamlines our work together!

As a developer, designing isn't my strongest talent, but I can work with something already created. I love having base templates to work from and modify - such a time-saver. The level of detail and the breakdown of the entire project lifecycle makes this course different from anything I've done before (or seen on the market).

Sally, Web Developer - Sally Tudhope

You have everything covered from start to end

I don’t do sugarcoating or say things I don’t really mean. It is so easy for your course, I don’t need to do either, it rocks so much!! You have everything covered from start to end, for someone wanting to start a design-related business (or any other creative endeavor). The resources, guidelines and templates are amazing and truly helpful. This course is providing the structure I need to establish my business and beyond. Thanks for doing this, Lis, I am deeply grateful.

Olga Pontes, Website Designer

Earning more money and freeing up time

I didn’t really think I needed this course with my clients ranging from individuals to retail stores, but was SO glad I did it as it taught me so many things I didn’t even know I was missing. I've made just a few changes to my business processes and have already freed up extra time and smoothed my project management flow. My rates have increased, I’m able to wrap up client projects quickly and the scripts have navigated me through a few tricky customer requests. This is a really comprehensive and clear course that covers multiple components of running a small business all of which you can implement whilst still working… a lot smarter!

Jessie, Illustrator & Stationery Designer - In the Daylight

I've created a welcome pack and proposal already - these are things that have been on my to-do list for years

I have taken quite a few online courses and they have all been lacking in some way. A lot of them cover theory or principals (a bit airy fairy) but don't give any real world examples. Or the goals aren't realistic for smaller businesses like me. Or they have interesting topics but don't go into much detail (stuff I could have just read on a blog). This course really stands out by having actual practical examples. You can tell that the content comes from experience in the industry and weeding out what works and what doesn't. There are scripts and templates that I can actually use in my business.
The templates have been great. I've created a welcome pack and proposal already - these are things that have been on my to-do list for about 4 years!

I have been running my business solo for 5 years now and being able to peek behind the scenes of another creative business to see how they do things has been invaluable. It's been a great opportunity to reassess my business and really fine tune my processes. The best benefit is that the course doesn't expire. It has been a really busy year for me so it is reassuring to know that I can revisit the course again later on.

Nikki, Web Developer - Nikki Phillis Creative

The scripts & templates were awesome

What an awesome course. I love it! After being in business for a number of years, it was such a good opportunity to refocus my direction and look at my processes. One of my favorite parts of the course were the scripts and templates. People who know me, know I have trouble saying no and these proven scripts really helped me put things in perspective and answer tricky questions/problems in a lovely, but assertive way. I'll be recommending this course to all creative studios.

Kristin, Director - Tin Mouse Marketing

Knowledge Bank

I have worked with some of the most motivated and amazing people over the past 20 years. Lis is a standout among the best. She is super intelligent, smart, funny and incredibly witty. Lis will have you thinking, working and laughing all the way to the “knowledge bank”.

Simon Redmond, Elite Performance Coach


Lis shares her story in an upfront and authentic manner that drove to the heart of her subject matter. I had one participant at the workshop say that they could listen to Lis for hours, she is that engaging. She says what she thinks and she shares herself with the audience vulnerably. Powerful stuff.

Leah Hynes, RYPL Founder

Ideal Clients

The orders are coming in and ideal clients are connecting with me – wahoo, success! My confidence is through the roof.

Rebecca Santilli, Style & Food Coach

Launch Success

With you I went from launch failure to launch success. That's huge!

Natasha Vorompiova, Business Manager

Strategic Success

Lis takes control in a way that is empowering rather than emasculating. If you have any design, branding or strategic issues then Lis is the best person to steer you to success. The girl is super impressive.

Richard Patey, Serial Entrepreneur

So approachable

I loved your workshop. It took this big scary concept and made it much more practical. I loved your style. Seriously, I loved how approachable you were. I felt that I could ask you any questions at all, and that you wouldn’t judge me. You’re great at helping people make quick decisions and move on with their business.

Iris Brazen, Coach

Awesome Bomb

Working with Lis is like having an awesome bomb land on your doorstep. She’s creative, she’s intuitive and she’s got ninja-like skills of reading between the lines.

Amy Humphries, Change Catalyst

A few questions

So how does it all go down?

It’s nice ‘n easy. Once you’ve processed payment you’ll register to create an account to login to the custom-designed course. You’ll be met with a welcoming page and from there you can start the course or navigate straight to where you need to go. There are 4 major phases with lessons you can work through and plenty of individual focus areas. Take your time. Chances are, you’re running a business during this and this course is all about alleviating the pressure, not creating extra stress.

It’s all there, nothing ‘drip fed’. Start with Phase 1 and get that nailed and then move on. There’s also a detailed contents page where you can come back to any of the modules. More than anything, what you can expect is to have fun (and not get stressed doing it). Seriously. Running a business is hard enough, so I designed meetCreative to be really interactive and impactful. So let’s laugh and learn and love and then never say that quote ever again.

I don’t have a business yet, or I’m just getting started...
will this benefit me?

Absolutely. meetCreative will help you set a rock solid foundation for how you run things with your clients and get all of your systems in place (AKA you won’t have to flounder like the rest of us did).

Is this for me?

This course has been designed for creatives whether you've been in business for a number of years and feel everything could be much more streamlined, you're focusing on creating a better experience for your clients, you need systems for your team, you're a freelancer who loves your work, a side hustler or a new design grad who's going to start up a business...or if you just want a behind the scenes look at a creative studio.

How long will this take?

As long as you want. The course is designed for people who may already be busy with a lot of work. You'll receive access to the full course so you can go through it step by step and implement in focus areas as you work. Stuck in a specific situation? Come back to that unit or download the script you need.

What scripts are included?

Too many to list here but they cover a whole range including clients bargaining you down, rejecting in-person meetings, not giving free advice over email, sending quotes, following up, getting feedback, ending difficult projects, refund requests, raising your rates, saying no and a helluva lot more.

Are there refunds?

All sales are final and non-refundable. If you have any questions on if this course is the right fit for you, please send through an email before purchasing to hello {at}

Why aren't you throwing in ten bonuses valued at some impossible number that never quite makes sense?

Because I believe in ease and I believe in this program. It's pretty damn big as it is (some have said the most comprehensive business course they've done) and it covers everything you'll want + a call and access to me along with updates to the course. And you know, I like to leave tacky lures, convincing and selling to kitchen knives on home TV.

How is this course delivered?

All content is housed in a private membership site, accessible by a unique login you’ll receive when you sign up. All of the modules and lessons are online in a user-friendly, custom interface. Worksheets and scripts are also provided as easy, beautiful downloadables.

Will I be able to access this for the rest of my life?

The course includes lifetime access as long as it’s up which at this stage is many years into the future. You will be given plenty of advanced noticed before anything is taken down if the structure of the program (or you know, the world) happens to change.

What sort of creative professions is this course for?

Website designers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters, graphic designers, artists, architects, interior designers, letterers, creative studio owners & directors, videographers, interactive designers, animators, stationery designers and design students. Essentially if you make things for someone, groups of people or make things for another business (all customers/clients). Even if you’re an event designer, stylist, or out of the box coach you’re going to get a lot out of this course. Your processes may be differently involved or there may be certain industry practices, but there’s many steps, systems, answers & guides in here to set up and streamline your services. If you're not sure mail me at hello {at} before you register.

Why 497 dollars?

This course has an enormous amount of lessons, tools, templates and guides, and it's all custom designed for you. It is updated and added to and you're able to submit your questions to get the answers you need. Whilst I won't spin any BS about it, I will say that it's a premium course and I believe its value is far and above the cost. As you work on your business you'll be able to keep coming back to it throughout the year - I've been told by course participants who have completed numerous digital and well known courses, that it's the most comprehensive course they've done. I place an enormous weight on quality and your experience. I want it to be accessible to as many incredible creatives (you) as possible and provide you with everything you need!