Work With Us Guide

So along with that initial response email I also send out a work with us/services guide.

Here’s a look at a few excerpts from what this looks like ::

Making Magic Course

Making Magic Course


This is what that document includes ::

  • Description of our ideal client
  • Description of me & us
  • One page for each of the main services (what it is and overview of what’s included) including ballpark or set costs and estimated project length
  • Mock up images of our work
  • Testimonials throughout
  • The process including what do now once you’ve read this
  • Frequently Asked Questions

This helps me and my clients in so many ways. Firstly it means I’m not writing a huge email every single time – everything is contained in this one booklet. It also makes it very clear what the services are and the costs associated with this (so if it’s way out of budget potential clients automatically filter themselves out). It looks really professional and it makes me feel a lot calmer. It’s also reassuring for the client and often eliminates numerous questions people have about the process.

For your frequently asked questions you can use a lot of what you have on your site but you can also specifically answer any questions are more direct potential client might have. For example one of my questions is ‘what logo files do I receive?’. This is quite specific and not really needed on the website where more general FAQs are answered but a potential logo client will likely want to know – or be reassured – they’ll have all the files they’ll ever need.

If you won’t be needing to do a call (and you can take a look at the next section on why you might not) then you can send your quote along with this email. Just skip to the next phase of sending quote/estimate and attach it along with this email.

Once you’ve sent the email you move the card to the second list on your Trello project management board.

So that’s that wrapped up. Send email with option to book a call with you (if you’re going to do this) along with your professional doc. Move the card in Trello.