What’s Next?

We’ve covered a whole lot already – it’s time to dig in and get your website up. There are literally thousands of tutorials on the web that will help you. Google away!

If you don’t want to waste your time doing this (and believe me, if you’re not a web desiger or web developer you absolutely do not need to be doing this – your time can be better spent on your core business in your expertise!) you can get everything configured and set up for you using one of these services (and I’m sure there are plenty more) ::

  • MicroLancer
  • Tweaky

Otherwise if you’re ready for your own custom branding, design & development hire a brilliant someone or team. There’s a huge range of designers/developers from 2k to 100k budgets (and all for good reason). Find someone whose work you love, who you trust & who people love to work with.