Setting up a WordPress (.org) site

Whilst this course isn’t about setting up your own site (there are plenty of other courses, tutorials and blogs out there for that!) here’s a quick cover off of what you’ll need to know.

The process in full looks like this ::

Buy a Domain > Buy Hosting > Configure Name Servers (DNS) > Buy Theme > Install Theme > Configure WP Settings > Configure Theme Options > Add Pages & Posts > Website Ready! vs

This is a really commonly asked question and deserves a good explanation! First of all, both versions of WordPress are free. is a great blogging tool where all the backend is taken care of by the team at WordPress. Unless you buy a domain name and configure the servers in your database your free account will include wordpress in the domain name. For example, There are numerous free themes for but you can’t upload premium themes or access the php/html coding if ever you need to change a line of code. You can upgrade your account to access the CSS (the file that styles your site) code. You cannot upload any plugins on is self-hosted (this is why we buy hosting). You can upload (and create) 100s of free, custom and premium themes, there are 1000s of plugins you can utilize and you can touch every bit of code. All developers will use only. You are responsible for backing up your site and you need to update wordpress when new versions are released (you will be prompted in your dashboard). You can see the official article on this question from WordPress here!