Buy & Install a Theme

There are now thousands of themes you can choose from with WordPress so the question is do you pay for one (or many) or install a free one? I recommend premium themes for the average user. Premium themes come with a lot more options for non-coders, are consistently updated to match the newest version of wordpress (and you don’t pay any extra for this, it will let you know in your wordpress dashboard when it’s time for an update) and generally have some sort of dedicated support. That said, you can always install a free theme and if you don’t like it or wish to have more options at your disposal then you can change to a premium theme.

Where do I buy a theme? Try finding one from one of these ::

  • Themeforest
  • Themejug
  • Xxx
  • Xxx


How do I install a theme?

Generally you can do this buy uploading the theme zip folder through the WordPress dashboard in Appearance>Themes>Upload

Your theme should come with some quick instructions.


How do I customize my theme?

All premium themes will have an options panel most likely under Appearance in your wordpress dashboard. Click into this area and it’s very self explanatory (you can upload logos, headers, background colors, configure the home page, blog page etc). You should also use the other areas under your Appearance (widgets, background, header, menu all dependent on your theme functions) for further customizing.

If you’ve purchased a theme your theme should come with customization & configuration instructions.