Create a Website

So you’re a creative without a website? It’s time to get you one! This doesn’t have to be a hard process. If you’re just starting out then getting a theme and just getting your work out there is a great start. If you’re a few years in and have been making a good income (go you!) or know you need to step it up to get to that level & are looking to expand and grow your brand I’d suggest hiring a web designer.

If you’re not hiring a website designer here are a quick few options you can choose…

  • Start a tumblr page. Are you a videography and just need to get up a portfolio online? In half an hour you can get one of these set up easy peesy no coding or tweaking necessary.
  • Use the Loop, Cargo Collective, Behance, Dribbble – any one of these portfolio sites to get your portfolio up and have a place to direct people to.
  • Set up a Squarespace site. You’re limited in themes but they’re a fairly simple set up and they look good. You can have multiple pages for about you and your business, the services you provide, a blog etc.
  • Start your WordPress website (.org not .com). Find a theme using one of the providers below (or another) and set it all up. This will take a bit of playing and figuring out but this option will take you the furthest in the long run as it can grow with you. Or you can hire somebody for about $350 to get the theme, install it, set it all up, do the options, configure the pages and make it look like it should!