Trello Tips


There’s a number of little shortcodes you can use in your Trello boards to get a bit of styling happening. Trello uses a styling system called markdown to add styling to their cards. Here are some of the main ones you might like to use.
Bold text – surround text in double asterisks, like **this**, to make it bold
Italic text – surround text in single asterisks, like *this*, to make it italic
Bullet points – add a hyphen to the beginning of each line, like -this
Numbered list – add a number to the beginning of each line, like 1. this
Indent text – add a “>” in front of each line of the text that you’d like to indent
Big header – #use a hashtag on either side#
Smaller header – ##use two hashtags on either side##


  • Use @mentions to notify a member on your board of a comment (it will create a notification for them)
  • Drag an image onto the card to add it as an attachment
  • Paste an accurate link in and it will hyperlink
  • Check out all these keyboard shortcuts